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I played for the first time in a long time with my housemates the other night and had a fantastic win on a 4 person free for all. I have a non-standard deck that's entirely for fun in multiplayer games. It's white/blue/black, and I got off an awesome combo:

I put a Pariah on an opponent's Stuffy-doll aimed at someone else and then laid out Spiteful Visions, which gives an extra draw on draw phase, and whenever any player draws a card, it deals 1 damage. A couple turns later I popped Forced Fruition, which makes an opponent draw 7 cards any time they play a spell, and Magus of the Moat so creatures without flying were on lockdown. All three opponents were lacking fliers and had to take at least 9 damage a turn in order to cast a single spell. They were all out in a round. It was brutal.

We all had some pretty good wins that night, so it was a blast. I'd missed playing! The new rules are a trip, it'll take me a while to think of combat damage not being on the stack.

In other news, just saw the new card art for what everyone is assuming is one of the new planeswalkers. Sexy. Possibly sexier than Jace. *_*
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This was my first prerelease and my first experience playing limited. I know going in that being a n00b I was not very likely to win anything. My goal was to win one round and get some new cards. . We drove 2.5 hours to Columbus for the prerelease and getting there around 8 am walked into a room of 30 or so people. I was not surprisingly one of only two girls. (Several showed up later but the two I sat by seemed a little odd.)
Playing limited was a completely different experience than playing constructed! I think a lot of the mistakes I made were from approaching the formats the same way. Opening the packs is so much fun! Registering the card list is not so much. Especially when you get stuck next to Mr. McStinky. I quickly put together a green/white deck and moved out of the stink zone. Opened Xanthid demon, Ajani Goldmane, Hive mind, Elvish Archdruid, and Zombie guy. And yeah I should have played black. Zombie guy + Xanthid =3 turn clock.
The first event I played in was the main event and I did terribly! I really think I should have been playing something other than white green. By the end of the event I was sitting at the last table possible. You can see though that I did win at least my one round.
Match #1- Opponent D playing green/black, I lose 0-2 he having 13 and 3 life.
Match #2- Opponent T playing green/white, I lose 0-2 he having 13 and 17 life.
Match #3- Opponent R1 playing blue/white, I lose 1-2 he having 14 and 19 life.
Match #4- Opponent R2 playing green/black, I lose 1-2 he having 26 and 20 life.

I enter the second flight and feeling a little better about what I am doing. I think I pull some decent cards to make a white/red deck. Serra angel, Shivan dragon, Ant Queen, Nightmare, lightning bolt, Honor of the pure, Jace and… I can’t remember the rest.
Match #1- Opponent R3 playing blue/green, I lose 2-1he having 15 and 10 life
Match #2- Opponent J playing white/blue/black, I win 2-0 with 20 and 26 life
Match #3- Opponent A playing green/black vamp. I lose 1-2 he having 31 and 21 life
Match #4- Opponent C playing red/green, I win 2-0 with 19 life both times

This game I end up in ninth place, one spot away from prizes. Sad, but I can’t complain considering I got my money’s worth, had a blast and did more than win just one round. Can’t wait until the next one!
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We host a regular multi-player game at our house on Monday nights. It was particularly fun this evening!

With 9 people in attendance, we broke into 2 tables. Five guys played a star game, while the other four got into a two-headed giant marathon. We were boys against girls as Amy and I formed one giant, against Chris and John. The girls had an early lifegain advantage, but we were quickly over-run by John's spirit deck that dumped creatures into the graveyard then pulled them all into play. By turn 8 he had over 20 spirit creatures in play and was ready to swing for lot hundred and lot-y lot. We scooped.

The second game, though, my shaman deck built up quickly. With solid support from Amy's control deck, the shamans danced all over the guys.

But they took it all back in game three with synergistic decks that used aggressive creature destruction and denial.

It was time for a little shake-up! So I moved over to the star table for a nice friendly game. (bwa ha ha ha) It was my favorite type of match-up, that is, the outcome was never sure until the very end. By chance, three of us were playing fairies. Multiple Bitterblossoms hit the table early.

But Nolan was playing a Vintage deck that repeatedly killed all 1/1 creatures, playing all sorts of nasty tricks on opponents whenever a creature went to the graveyard. For a while it looked like he was going to sweep the board. But then Jake pulled off a stunning comeback. With a life total of 1, he cast Kitchen Finks and slowly began to stabilize. I concentrated on hitting Chris, my other opponent, so as not to give Nolan the win. And Nolan got distracted by Mark, his other opponent, concentrating on punishing him more than on winning. So Jake slowly built up creatures and life once more.... until he came roaring back with a table full of flyers, too big for Nolan to evade. What a game!
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Friday I had my third go at FNM and I feel like I am starting to do a little better. I usually go 1-4 for the night but this last week 2 of the 4 losses made it to the 3rd round and I was actually 3 life away from winning a game before time ran out. Here is my current deck but I am wondering what to do to change it up.

Main Deck
4x Putrid Leech
3x Shriekmaw
1x Creakwood Liege
2x Lord of Extinction
4x Llanowar Elves
3x Civic Wayfinder
4x Wren's Run Vanquisher
4x Imperious Perfect
3x Bloodbraid Elf
(18 elves+ 10 other creatures)

1x Thoughtseize
3x Nameless Inversion
2x Bituminous Blast
4x Terror
(10 spells)

5x forest
5x Swamp
1x mountain
3x treetop village
6x painlands
1x gilt-leaf Palace
1x Firelit Thicket

3x Fulminator Mage
Puppeteer Clique
2x Infest
Soul Snuffers
Loxodon warhammer
Lightning Reaver
Head Games
2x Natural spring
2x Naturalize

Now my BF got some cards on craigslist and I went through ad found a few that would probably be helpful. I saw 5 that I was thinking about adding in somewhere. Should anything go in? What should come out?

1. Birds of Paradise- faster than civic wayfinder for getting an odd color I need
2. Prowess of the fair- essentially elf replacement,+ Nameless Inversion= free elf?
3. Wilt-Leaf Liege- 1GGG is harder for me to do but hopefully discard or cascade into it?
4. wilt-Leaf Cavalier- bigger elf guy
5. Cloudthresher- Something to block flyers and helps kill on intro too.
6. Shimmering Grotto- maybe help fix mana w/o painlands


May. 14th, 2009 11:22 pm
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My boyfriend is so lucky! So remember when he was around and we opened 4 packs of Alara Reborn in a draft of 4 people and got two of the exact same mythic rare? (We didn't get to keep the cards, practice draft.) Well tonight we both bought one pack each and my pack had a mythic rare and he got two rares including a foil lavalanche. Is that even supposed to be possible?
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I did mention that I was a new player right? Right. Okay!

My boyfriend and I were playing this afternoon and he played the card Aven Cloudchaser. The only enchantment on the board was his own. Must he destroy his own enchantment? My thinking was no that it was an added bonus designed to be used against your enemy. In other words the casting of the creature is not dependent upon destroying the enchantment. What about a card like Kjeldoran dead? If he is in my opening hand can I cast him on turn one without sacrificing a creature?
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Hello. I didn't see anything saying not to do intro posts so I figured I should because I am actually really new to magic. I bought some cards a year and a half or so ago with my friend Kate who had some cards from junior high. Her boyfriend Ryan played when he was younger and in boyscouts so they explained to me what they knew of playing but there was a lot we didn't know/understand etc. Well after a few rounds I understood a few things and started winning all of the time so we never played anymore. (and now I have moved away.) Fast forward to a month ago and I find out some of my neighbors get together and play sometime. I drag my boyfriend along and ask a bunch of questions and am now starting to really get the game. Recently I ordered a bunch of cards off ebay (4,000) so that I would have more cards to look at and experiment with. I want to try and check out Friday Night Magic sometime this summer. (I know I will get my butt kicked but I still want to try.)

So this isn't just a blah blah intro post I will also tell a story. Last night we played at my friend's house and we practiced drafting (2 timespiral 1 shards of Alara?x 4 players). I think I did well enough (we didn't buy the packs so no keeping cards) but when we opened the Alara packs there were 2 copies of the exact same planeswalker. I thought the chances of pulling a planeswalker were rare so I figure 2 in 4 packs of cards are astronomical!
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Hi everyone!

I started playing Magic three years ago when my husband, Woof, and I moved in together. Woof had played MtG for several years and amassed a great collection of cards, but stopped playing around Ice Age. His cards took up an entire closet -- floor to ceiling, full of boxes. I told him I really wanted that closet space, so would he either get rid of those cards or use them? He taught me how to play, and now we both use them.

The original closet is almost empty of cards. But we have a bookshelf full of card boxes in the office and a tall cabinet full in the dining room, instead!

We host a weekly multiplayer game, get to the occasional Friday Night Magic event, and always play in pre-release and release tournaments. Woof is a level one judge, as well.

I am a classic Timmy. I like turning big creatures sideways. I'm excited about Bloodbraid Elf, though, even though it isn't enormous. What's not to like about a hasty 3/2 that can put another creature into play?


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