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I played for the first time in a long time with my housemates the other night and had a fantastic win on a 4 person free for all. I have a non-standard deck that's entirely for fun in multiplayer games. It's white/blue/black, and I got off an awesome combo:

I put a Pariah on an opponent's Stuffy-doll aimed at someone else and then laid out Spiteful Visions, which gives an extra draw on draw phase, and whenever any player draws a card, it deals 1 damage. A couple turns later I popped Forced Fruition, which makes an opponent draw 7 cards any time they play a spell, and Magus of the Moat so creatures without flying were on lockdown. All three opponents were lacking fliers and had to take at least 9 damage a turn in order to cast a single spell. They were all out in a round. It was brutal.

We all had some pretty good wins that night, so it was a blast. I'd missed playing! The new rules are a trip, it'll take me a while to think of combat damage not being on the stack.

In other news, just saw the new card art for what everyone is assuming is one of the new planeswalkers. Sexy. Possibly sexier than Jace. *_*


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