May. 11th, 2009

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Hi everyone!

I started playing Magic three years ago when my husband, Woof, and I moved in together. Woof had played MtG for several years and amassed a great collection of cards, but stopped playing around Ice Age. His cards took up an entire closet -- floor to ceiling, full of boxes. I told him I really wanted that closet space, so would he either get rid of those cards or use them? He taught me how to play, and now we both use them.

The original closet is almost empty of cards. But we have a bookshelf full of card boxes in the office and a tall cabinet full in the dining room, instead!

We host a weekly multiplayer game, get to the occasional Friday Night Magic event, and always play in pre-release and release tournaments. Woof is a level one judge, as well.

I am a classic Timmy. I like turning big creatures sideways. I'm excited about Bloodbraid Elf, though, even though it isn't enormous. What's not to like about a hasty 3/2 that can put another creature into play?
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Hello. I didn't see anything saying not to do intro posts so I figured I should because I am actually really new to magic. I bought some cards a year and a half or so ago with my friend Kate who had some cards from junior high. Her boyfriend Ryan played when he was younger and in boyscouts so they explained to me what they knew of playing but there was a lot we didn't know/understand etc. Well after a few rounds I understood a few things and started winning all of the time so we never played anymore. (and now I have moved away.) Fast forward to a month ago and I find out some of my neighbors get together and play sometime. I drag my boyfriend along and ask a bunch of questions and am now starting to really get the game. Recently I ordered a bunch of cards off ebay (4,000) so that I would have more cards to look at and experiment with. I want to try and check out Friday Night Magic sometime this summer. (I know I will get my butt kicked but I still want to try.)

So this isn't just a blah blah intro post I will also tell a story. Last night we played at my friend's house and we practiced drafting (2 timespiral 1 shards of Alara?x 4 players). I think I did well enough (we didn't buy the packs so no keeping cards) but when we opened the Alara packs there were 2 copies of the exact same planeswalker. I thought the chances of pulling a planeswalker were rare so I figure 2 in 4 packs of cards are astronomical!


We do Magic.

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