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This was my first prerelease and my first experience playing limited. I know going in that being a n00b I was not very likely to win anything. My goal was to win one round and get some new cards. . We drove 2.5 hours to Columbus for the prerelease and getting there around 8 am walked into a room of 30 or so people. I was not surprisingly one of only two girls. (Several showed up later but the two I sat by seemed a little odd.)
Playing limited was a completely different experience than playing constructed! I think a lot of the mistakes I made were from approaching the formats the same way. Opening the packs is so much fun! Registering the card list is not so much. Especially when you get stuck next to Mr. McStinky. I quickly put together a green/white deck and moved out of the stink zone. Opened Xanthid demon, Ajani Goldmane, Hive mind, Elvish Archdruid, and Zombie guy. And yeah I should have played black. Zombie guy + Xanthid =3 turn clock.
The first event I played in was the main event and I did terribly! I really think I should have been playing something other than white green. By the end of the event I was sitting at the last table possible. You can see though that I did win at least my one round.
Match #1- Opponent D playing green/black, I lose 0-2 he having 13 and 3 life.
Match #2- Opponent T playing green/white, I lose 0-2 he having 13 and 17 life.
Match #3- Opponent R1 playing blue/white, I lose 1-2 he having 14 and 19 life.
Match #4- Opponent R2 playing green/black, I lose 1-2 he having 26 and 20 life.

I enter the second flight and feeling a little better about what I am doing. I think I pull some decent cards to make a white/red deck. Serra angel, Shivan dragon, Ant Queen, Nightmare, lightning bolt, Honor of the pure, Jace and… I can’t remember the rest.
Match #1- Opponent R3 playing blue/green, I lose 2-1he having 15 and 10 life
Match #2- Opponent J playing white/blue/black, I win 2-0 with 20 and 26 life
Match #3- Opponent A playing green/black vamp. I lose 1-2 he having 31 and 21 life
Match #4- Opponent C playing red/green, I win 2-0 with 19 life both times

This game I end up in ninth place, one spot away from prizes. Sad, but I can’t complain considering I got my money’s worth, had a blast and did more than win just one round. Can’t wait until the next one!
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