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We host a regular multi-player game at our house on Monday nights. It was particularly fun this evening!

With 9 people in attendance, we broke into 2 tables. Five guys played a star game, while the other four got into a two-headed giant marathon. We were boys against girls as Amy and I formed one giant, against Chris and John. The girls had an early lifegain advantage, but we were quickly over-run by John's spirit deck that dumped creatures into the graveyard then pulled them all into play. By turn 8 he had over 20 spirit creatures in play and was ready to swing for lot hundred and lot-y lot. We scooped.

The second game, though, my shaman deck built up quickly. With solid support from Amy's control deck, the shamans danced all over the guys.

But they took it all back in game three with synergistic decks that used aggressive creature destruction and denial.

It was time for a little shake-up! So I moved over to the star table for a nice friendly game. (bwa ha ha ha) It was my favorite type of match-up, that is, the outcome was never sure until the very end. By chance, three of us were playing fairies. Multiple Bitterblossoms hit the table early.

But Nolan was playing a Vintage deck that repeatedly killed all 1/1 creatures, playing all sorts of nasty tricks on opponents whenever a creature went to the graveyard. For a while it looked like he was going to sweep the board. But then Jake pulled off a stunning comeback. With a life total of 1, he cast Kitchen Finks and slowly began to stabilize. I concentrated on hitting Chris, my other opponent, so as not to give Nolan the win. And Nolan got distracted by Mark, his other opponent, concentrating on punishing him more than on winning. So Jake slowly built up creatures and life once more.... until he came roaring back with a table full of flyers, too big for Nolan to evade. What a game!
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