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Friday I had my third go at FNM and I feel like I am starting to do a little better. I usually go 1-4 for the night but this last week 2 of the 4 losses made it to the 3rd round and I was actually 3 life away from winning a game before time ran out. Here is my current deck but I am wondering what to do to change it up.

Main Deck
4x Putrid Leech
3x Shriekmaw
1x Creakwood Liege
2x Lord of Extinction
4x Llanowar Elves
3x Civic Wayfinder
4x Wren's Run Vanquisher
4x Imperious Perfect
3x Bloodbraid Elf
(18 elves+ 10 other creatures)

1x Thoughtseize
3x Nameless Inversion
2x Bituminous Blast
4x Terror
(10 spells)

5x forest
5x Swamp
1x mountain
3x treetop village
6x painlands
1x gilt-leaf Palace
1x Firelit Thicket

3x Fulminator Mage
Puppeteer Clique
2x Infest
Soul Snuffers
Loxodon warhammer
Lightning Reaver
Head Games
2x Natural spring
2x Naturalize

Now my BF got some cards on craigslist and I went through ad found a few that would probably be helpful. I saw 5 that I was thinking about adding in somewhere. Should anything go in? What should come out?

1. Birds of Paradise- faster than civic wayfinder for getting an odd color I need
2. Prowess of the fair- essentially elf replacement,+ Nameless Inversion= free elf?
3. Wilt-Leaf Liege- 1GGG is harder for me to do but hopefully discard or cascade into it?
4. wilt-Leaf Cavalier- bigger elf guy
5. Cloudthresher- Something to block flyers and helps kill on intro too.
6. Shimmering Grotto- maybe help fix mana w/o painlands

Date: 2009-06-18 03:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] beckyzoole
I like a good elf-burn deck!

You're right about the Birds of Paradise. I'd swap out all three Civic Wayfinders and replace them with BOPs, if you have them.

I would at least find room for Cloudthresher in your sideboard. A deck with lots of flyers will kill you quickly.


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